A Little Clarity About Us


Everything that we produce is sungrown, organic, and from the culmination of years of hard work. When grown and handled with care during harvest and curing, sungrown cannabis is far superior to indoor grown cannabis.

Clarity Farms Cannabis


We are based in the heart of the sunny Columbia Basin. Here we enjoy fertile alluvial soils and warm summer months which make for perfect growing conditions. Our team applies over 20 years of cannabis and herb growing experience to produce clean and consistent cannabis products.

Since the onset of legal cannabis in Washington State we have focused on innovation, combining proven agricultural techniques with traditional cannabis production principles in order to produce the highest quality bud possible. We do this while respecting principles of soil health and responsible land stewardship. Our core values revolve around consistent improvement; including leaving the soil and land in better condition than when they were selected.



We have curated some of the best performing and market appreciated strains available. To avoid issues of disease and pests, strain selection for resistance and the use of Biological control and beneficial insects have eliminated the need for harsh chemicals.

Each year, we have increased our production quality, expanded our breadth of knowledge, and further developed our trusted reputation in this evolving industry.