Watering. For. Dummies.

Let's face it, there is a pretty steep learning curve when you first start growing. I have been lucky enough to meet a number of master growers in the industry and each has given me a number of highly valuable tips. So many tips, tricks, myths & crazy-ass old wives tales in fact that I wouldn't even try writing them all down in a single post. Instead let's start simple, with watering and the thing I wish someone had told me early on...


I know during my first few grows that I was 100% guilty of over-watering, especially during flowering. That is, until I came across this great rule from Kyle Kushman's Watering 101 article...

Once you begin flowering, and there are buds on the plant, you don’t want to come close to wilting, EVER! Think 70% dry, 30% moisture. During mid-flowering when buds get large, shoot for around 50% moisture through late flowering. When growth begins to slow, revert to the previous ratio of 70% dry and 30% moisture.

I realize this isn't a groundbreaking post that is going to change the growing industry, but I've found that by sticking to this rule I get better results. Sometimes we need to start with the basics. Plus I'm just the web guy here who grows for fun (so don't totally destroy me in the comments) and check back frequently for tips from the REAL pros!

What are some of your watering tips & tricks? Need any specific growing advice?